The National Council of Corvette Clubs, Inc.

The NCCC is a nationwide organization of Corvette Clubs, organized into sixteen regions covering the United States. All affiliated clubs, including SJCC, follow the various competitive rules and regulations established by the NCCC, which acts as the governing body for a Sanctioned Competition Program. The NCCC also provides insurance for local club events which shields individual members from potential liability. Because the NCCC requires that each affiliated club maintains a majority percentage of primary club members as members of NCCC, everyone who joins the San Jacinto Corvette Club also becomes a member of the NCCC. As part of the NCCC, the San Jacinto Corvette Club supports its national charity, the National Kidney Foundation.

Each member receives a quarterly magazine, Blue Bars, which reports on affiliated Corvette Clubs’ activities throughout the country. Members are also invited to attend the National Convention, which is sponsored by a different club or region in a different part of the country each year. This week-long event is usually held in the mid-summer and is very Corvette Family oriented. Contact the club Governor for any change of address or any other change of information to your NCCC membership.

The National Council of Corvette Clubs, Southwest Region

The San Jacinto Corvette Club is a member of the Southwest Region of the NCCC. Each region has an elected Regional Executive, Competition Director, and Membership Director. Each club within a region has a Governor, who is responsible for informing his or her club about events being held by other clubs, as well as acting as the direct link between the club and NCCC at the national level. Every year a number of SJCC members participate in numerous regional events such as the SW Regional Road Trip, SW Regional Fun Raiser, and SW Regional Awards Banquet. In addition, the members of SJCC contribute annually to the SW Regional Scholarship Fund.

Future Corvette Clubs, Inc.

San Jacinto Corvette Club members also support the Future Corvette Owners Association (FCOA), the youth organization of NCCC. There are currently 16 FCOA members with SJCC sponsors, and their ages range from 2 yrs to 15 yrs. There is a one-time membership fee of $10 for children under 16 years of age. Visit the FCOA website to find out how your family members under 16 years of age can become part of this unique program.